Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Terrarium Fever in Chicago

Paul Munro and Martha Brummett designed these little gardens that can sit or hang anywhere in your home. Enjoy a little green while sitting at your work desk. Trinkets such as doll heads or cars can make a great addition to any planting. Bring in your container or use one of ours. The possibilities are endless in terrarium making. You can choose from a wet or a dry planting, with either ferns or succulents.

Do you see the nails?

How about the doll head?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cloony Ranunculus and Flowering Tulip Magnolia

Branches can be a bit intimidating at times but, if you snip a bit here and there; out comes a great focal point. They tend to be a bit higher in price but if you get one stem and break it apart it can be rather cost effective. It is also a bonus since the branches last for a while. They are also exciting to watch them open up. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Double Lilies

 Leah Mulder created this arrangement on Valentines Day for a lovely person. The request for this arrangement was the double lilies with something interesting in the pink and red color realm. 

She used viburnum, double tulips, lilacs, double lilies, anthurium and flowering ginger. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Flowers For Your Sweethearts

We have been processing boxes and boxes for you! Hope You can at least stop in to see our collection! It is rather stunning. We received blush lilacs yesterday that smelled like the heavens. We also did receive a shipment of poppies. We already used all of the flowering tulip magnolia, hurry our flowers are inspiring. 

 This is the pink table which is filled with hydrangeas, victorian spray roses, callas, veronica and much more. 

 Our tulips are going quick, here is an example of the abundance they can bring to an arrangement. The double and single tulips are combined with garden roses, helleborus in black beauty, blush lilac, kangaroo paw and leucothoe.

 The yellow cloony ranunculus came blushing bright red. We don't know maybe they are crazed by the gerberas next to them. 

Maybe you would like more of a modern design for that mod lover in your life. Try something with flowering branches, garden roses and privet. We have just a few more of these thin vases left!

Quince thank you for showing your flowers, we have so much admiration for you. 


Give us a call via, 773-506-6295.

Friday, February 10, 2012


These areshelves are 'old news' to us but, pack full with so much more new stuff than pictured above. 

 Paperwhites with orange centers never hurt anyone. 

 Monochromatic arrangements can really help other things around it stand out. 

The infamous echeveria that are scattered around the store are:

1. Super cute.
2. Affordable.
3. Easy to take care.
4. Shippable!  

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


One of these things is not like the other! It is the amazing orange flower in the middle. Poppies have been around for ages. Used for many different things, such as but not limited to pollination, opium, remembrance, and for their beauty. Now we are not Matthew Berkowitz but, we do have 250 poppies coming in for your enjoyment. So we recommend stopping in to check them out.  There is nothing like a crumpled up bud which opens into the colors of a techno festival! 

Wish our poppies some luck, they have a long journey. They cross the sea and then they meet customs. Trust us, you will be speechless if you do get to see them. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Chicago Florist

Wrist corsage and boutonniĆ©re with ranunculus, star eucalyptus, huckleberry, eucalyptus nut.

Wrist Corsage wrapped in light pink silk ribbon in 1" thickness and two sided ribbon in light pink and washed out green in 1/2" thickness.

Pin on boutonniĆ©re black wire hugs green clooney ranunculus, eucalyptus nut and huckleberry. 

Ideas are endless. 

Friday, February 3, 2012


Wow, there is so much going on here in Andersonville. Did you know there is a gossip website that has everything to do with Andersonville? Sometimes we, Marguerite Gardens Team, can act like we know everything. We do not. Please feel free to inform us at all times. Yesterday for instance there was a lengthy conversation about cities in Michigan. A few days ago New York recommendations were being tossed about. Please keep us on our toes, we need you just as much as you need us. Thank You, as always!

The 'AVILLE DAILY' is a publication about the life in Andersonville. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Photo Shoots Gone Wild

Sometimes we can not get enough. We just cannot stop making hand tied bouquets, tussie mussies, free forms and the list never ends. Here is a sneak peak into the world of Marguerite Gardens.

These arrangements were made last Saturday. For fun and for whomever may wonder in. Paul Munro took the photos. Leah Mulder created the second mixture and Ammie Brod created the last one which sold like a hot cake for breakfast!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Warm Arrangement in The Cold Winter Days

Roses, peonies, astilbe
ginger, french tulips, pine branches
and tuberose.

All in a warm peach, orange color palette and lighting. These were taken just before the solstice.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mellow Yellow

Paul Munro, Kaitlyn McQuaid and Leah Mulder were working at the flower shop. Paul said, "Lets make bouquets", so the two girls said "O.K.". They hastily rummaging through the bounty of flowers to create masses of beauty. Suddenly, they were all inspired. By what? This generic flower, yarrow? How can they be inspired by a flower that is usually in your grandmas basement or in a mediocre fall wreath?

Kaitlyn, Paul and Leah knew a different use for it. To add cheer to a snowy day, they tossed it with olive braches, poppies, daffodils. They mixed it with tulips, hyacinth, roses and so much more.

If you're just a lil' chilly and feeling slightly generic, stop in. These florist can show you that one generic flower, is someone else beautiful inspiration.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter Outside

This means you have to bring spring inside. Don't worry the forecast is only predicting about 7 inches of snow by tomorrow. Everyone is wondering if we are prepared. Well this is what we do know...

1. Paul, Martha, and Ammie are at the shop today. 
2. They can make o.k. bouquets.
3. Paul Munro made the one featured today. 
4. They can help you bring beauty home! 

We have an abundance of flowers, please call us via 773-506-6295. We deliver as long as you order before 2 pm. If you would like to visit us we are here: 5059 N. Clark, Chicago, IL 60640.

These colorful images with were taken by Kaitlyn McQuaid, who is a photographer and one of our florists.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Who Inspires You?

To be honest with  you, our customers, inspire us. Kristen Ekeland came in the store this Sunday while my friend and coworker, Martha, and I were setting up the shop. We were listening to Angus and Julia Stone.  She was buying some wonderful pieces for her website photoshoot. Kristen is an awe-inspiring wedding invitation designer. Please take the time to look at her work. It is a very exciting since she is also featured on Martha Stewart this month!

The hydrangea and the vintage lace handkerchief are from our shop! 

Thanks so much for your inspiration Kristen.

Monday, January 16, 2012


Tulip are so great because they remind us of what is to come in a few months. Tulips are simple, linear, and can also be extremely interesting. Drop in and grab a bunch or two. They are starting at $6.50 a bunch right now. The supply is limited and they go fast! They are perfect for adding some bulk to any mixture of flowers.

A romantic and "yummy" use of tulips with mimosa, football mums, craspedia, and spray roses. 

What Colors Mean?

Did you know in some cultures people wear yellow underwear for prosperity? What about pink for romance? Some even wear white for peace. We have all of the floral colors you might need. Sometimes you might want to just focus on one color because it means something to you. If you want to send a gift of prosperity or romance think about what the colors mean. We can help you figure it out.

Just a few examples of monochromatic arrangements. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Marguerite Gardens: Caldrea Case Special Offer

Did you know if you would like to buy a case of Caldrea (six of the same item) we give you 10% off. Thats pretty nice! We are paying for your sales tax and a wee bit more! Just thought we would let you know the secret specials we offer that we know but, you might not. Just want to keep you informed.

Ginger Pomelo

Mandrin Vetiver ( Our New Favorite) 

Sea Salt Neroli

Basil Blue Sage 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The New Year

The new year means we are cleaning our shelves. Packing up the holidays and saying hello to the newness of the year. There is so much to be thankful for, such as blue skies in January! So we have coined a word for our year and it is "FRESH". Just think fresh and new and inspiration. Simply hoping these images can help you get an idea of how great greens and whites work together. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Flower Power

Did you know we offer flower power? Your thinking what is "flower power". Flower Power means the more you buy in our store, the more flowers you recieve. If you spend $200 in our store we will give you $25 in free flowers. It can be an accumulation of your purchase, not just all at one time. It is our simple way of tell you Thank you! We love flowers and we know you do too! Feel free to come in and ask, it is really simple. All we need is your name so we can keep track of your purchases. We do not send you any emails. We just want to know you by name. If you already have one, make sure you tell us to add it to your flower power at check out.

The Marguerite Gardens Team

Monday, January 2, 2012

One of Our First Weddings

This was one of our first wedding back in 2009. Simple orange and green center pieces. These fish bowl vases were filled with mini green hydrangeas, orange sweetheart roses, orange tulips and berzillia.

The boutonniere was wrapped with silk thread to match the tie.