Friday, February 4, 2011

What is the First Flower of Spring?

The hellebores which bloom even if there is a snow cover.
We are so excited here at Marguerite Gardens to see the signs that spring will arrive in a few months! Ammie Brod designed this exquisite cluster of lilacs, deep pink hellebores, brunia, lysimachia and sumac! The brown vase is perfect for a bedside table or the bathroom, come see the other colors and designs!

Almost forgot to mention the new line we received this week, Further, an up-cycling company. This company uses recycled glycerin from cooking oils and the scent is of olive, bergamot and exotic grasses; trust us, you will love it!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Succulent Planters

Same planter, different pictures. Photos by Kaitlyn McQuaid, one of our florists!
We have the plants, the planters, and the soil, and you don't have to do any of the dirty work because we do it for you! You just get to do the fun part: picking out your favorite plants. The pictured succulent arrangement was a delivery and was under fifty dollars. So even if you don't want to send flowers, remember that Marguerite Gardens also sends one-of-a-kind planters.

Lulu Ranunculus

This arrangement consists of green and white parrot tulips, which open beautifully, and the eucalyptus nuts provide a stunning contrast to the dainty flowers. The peachy Lulu ranunculus have been ordered for Valentine's Day, and we're eagerly waiting their arrival! This vase is one of our favorites and there is only one left! Arrangement made by Leah Mulder at Marguerite Gardens in Chicago.

Featuring the Sumatra Lilies

This arrangement was made by Martha Brummett here at Marguerite Gardens, using a mixture of snowball viburnum, huckleberry, pink-tipped yellow pincushion proteas, ranunculus, and of course the stunning sumatra lilies! The echeverias relaxing next to this arrangement are scattered around the store. Feel free to come and pick out your favorite!