Wednesday, September 30, 2009

andersonville arts & home weekend

This Friday, October 2nd, is the annual neighborhood art walk. This year our artist is one of our favorites, Ben Rumback. He is a local artist in Chicago and does some amazing work. Though, I am partial to him because we're getting married next month! We will be open late until ten on Friday. So if you are in Chicago and want to see some fun art, stop on by!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

late summer wedding

These are from a wedding we did in August. It was held at Architectural Artifacts here in Chicago. The bride wanted plants that her guests could take home after the reception. So, we planted, oh about 85 of these. We loved her idea so much, we even made a few for the shop!

bouquet of the week

The President herself, Marguerite, made this gorgeous arrangement last week! I love the vibrant pinks and trick carnations!

look ma! no dirt!

Lately we have been having fun with more varieties of air plants. Typically, we keep lots of succulents in the shop because they are so easy to care for. These other air plants require more attention, but are totally worth it.